Links around the internet
By Chris Hoover
Both websites have a lot to offer in helping you research your ancestors, keeping you up to date on what's going on in the organization and links to other camps and sites with similar interests.
The site is fairly new and its owner is willing to accept ideas and help, although he doesn't seem to need much.  The site has trivia, humor, songs, lyrics, pictures and clipart that you can download, and it's all about the South.  Also has a "Hall of War", a place where you can list any relative that died during the War.
E-Mail me with your suggestions.
The "Confederate Cemetery List" is dedicated to listing all the final resting places of our beloved soldiers.  They will list any cemetery even if only one soldier is buried there.
Joseph M. Bailey's Memoirs of the Civil War.  The site is a story written at the request of his grandchildren who wanted to know what their grandfather did during the war.
All kinds of Civil War clothes, hats, shoes and accessories.
More of the same from a company in Livingston, Texas.
These folks really stumped me on the number of handgun makers during the War.  They have a brief history on most of the guns and pictures on nearly all of them.
One place to spend money.  If you have any interest in the Civil War as a collector or just interested in history, you can find something in the 6,000 plus items at auction on this site.  Just type in 'Civil War' where it says search for...and push go.
Really complete site with clothes, weapons, leather goods, and iron ware.

Last updated on: August 31, 2001

Good selection and fair pricing.
Great catalog of weapons and lots of patterns for period clothes.  Good source of information.
All the regular stuff plus lots of period wood items such as trunks, barrels, camp tables and such.